This summer, we’ll take hundreds of students to UNM to learn about Jesus and hang out with their friends. If you’re a middle or high school student, don’t miss the best weekend of the year!

Summer camp isn't just a weekend out of the house. It’s a chance to escape home and meet new people, or to get away with your closest friends. It’s a safe place to cut loose, have fun, and hear from God.


A ticket covers your travel, meals, accommodations, and all Camp events. You can pay for the trip in full when you sign up. Or, to reserve your spot, you can sign up and put down a $50 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit. Your spot and ticket price will be confirmed when your ticket is paid in full.


February 10 - Last day of Early Bird Pricing

May 28 - Last day of Regular Pricing

June 23 - Last Day to buy Tickets

June 27-30 CAMP

Although Camp is happening right here in Albuquerque at The University of New Mexico, we ask that students do not leave camp at any time for any reason (other than emergency). Students will be dropped off on June 27th at Copper Pointe and returned to Copper Pointe to attend the 12:30 Service on June 30th.

When you give to the Summer Camp Fund, you make it possible for hundreds of students to experience this life-changing weekend.

We know that money can be a barrier for students to attend Camp. When you give, you help us remove this major barrier to students hearing the Gospel and seeing their lives changed forever. You can give to the Camp Fund online and during normal Weekend Services, just find the Summer Camp Table.

This is strictly for giving to the camp fund, if you are wanting to pay for your own ticket, either buy a ticket here, or look for your confirmation email to pay towards your balance.

Q: Where is Summer Camp?

A: The University of New Mexico

Q: What are the dates for Summer Camp?

A: June 27-30th

Q: How much does it cost to go to Summer Camp?

A: Early Bird Rate: $159 | Regular Rate: $189 | Late Rate: $199

Q: Are we staying on Campus overnight?

A: Yes! All of camp will happen at the University of New Mexico. Although we are technically still in town for camp, we ask that students not be picked up early or dropped off late, and that parents do not come to campus. If parent’s have questions during camp, please call our Parent Liaison.

Q: Are there refunds?

A: No. After signing up for Summer Camp, your money is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Q: How do I apply for financial assistance?

A: If you or someone you know cannot go to Summer Camp because of ticket cost, use the form on the Go to Camp page to connect with someone about financial assistance.

Q: Will there be Security?

A: Yes. University of New Mexico Police will be on campus to ensure your students' safety. Copper Pointe Safety Personnel will also be attending Camp. At Camp, there will be one background checked and interviewed adult to every four students.


Q: I just graduated from High School, can I still attend Camp?

A: Yes! Students who just graduated high school in May can attend Camp as seniors.

Q: If I'm starting Middle School in the fall, can I attend Summer Camp?

A: Yes, since Summer Camp is after our "Upgrade Sunday" you're officially apart of TwoTwelve starting May 19, 2019!

Q: What do I do if there is an emergency while my student is at Camp?

A: There will be an emergency phone line for you to call and get in contact with your student. You will find out more about this at the parent meeting.

Q: As a parent, how do I get more information?

A: As we get closer to the trip, there will be parent meetings where you can ask questions and get information, but for now, fill out our questions form below, and we'll be in touch.

Q: How do I make payments?

A: At any of our weekend services, just find the Summer Camp table or click the link in your brushfire confirmation email that you received when you put down the deposit.